Our role as adults is to observe (our) children, listen to their questions and homem de 65 anos procura mulher their stories, find what interests them and then provide them with opportunities to explore these interests further.
It is a process; a continual process.
Remida is a cultural project that represents a new, optimistic, and proactive way of approaching environmentalism and building change through giving value to reject materials, imperfect products, and otherwise worthless objects, to foster new opportunities for communication and creativity in a perspective of respect for.Remida also promotes and organizes workshops and training courses, seminars, exhibitions, conferences, and the annual Remida Day initiative, held over several days and dedicated to creative and eco-friendly recycling of discard materials.The event is part of the.Istituzione of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia and Iren/enia.12 remida DAY events with 200,000 participants 17 remida centres in the world.The center is managed by the Friends of Reggio Children International Association, now merged into the Reggio Children-Loris Malaguzzi Centre Foundation.An environment filled with natural light, order and beauty.The Centre distributes materials (paper, cardboard, ceramic, paints, cord, leather, rubber, wood, and so on) to teachers of infant-toddler centers and preschools, elementary, middle, and secondary schools, as well as to educational and cultural associations, senior citizens' centers, sheltered workshops for the disabled, recreation centers.The space is cared for by the children and the adults.Remida figures 15 years of activity 170 companies in the province of Reggio Emilia that furnish discard materials 170 tons of materials recovered and made available free of charge for educational/cultural projects in schools, recreation centers and associations.all designed to show the childs learning process.Through drawing and sculpting, through dance and movement, through painting and pretend play, through modelling and music, and that each one of these Hundred Languages must be valued and nurtured.They are listened to with respect, believing that their questions and observations are an opportunity to learn and search together.An emphasis on documenting childrens thoughts.The space encourages collaboration, communication and exploration.The Reggio Emilia Approach takes a child-led project approach.Typically the Reggio Approach is applied to preschools and early childhood settings but I think, with an understanding of the general principles, this inspiring child-led approach can be adapted to the home as well.The, rio Quente Resorts Tennis Classic is a tennis tournament held in, rio Quente, Brazil since 2012.Children are encouraged to use language to investigate and explore, to reflect on their experiences.The belief that children use many many different ways to show their understanding and express their thoughts and creativity.A hundred different ways of thinking, of discovering, of learning.
The Reggio Emilia Approach emphasises hands-on discovery learning that allows the child to use all their senses and all their languages to learn).
Learning and play are not separated.

The Reggio Emilia Approach originated in the town (and surrounding areas) of Reggio Emilia in Italy out of a movement towards progressive and cooperative early childhood education.
Open spaces free from clutter, where every material is considered for its purpose, every corner is ever-evolving to encourage children to delve deeper and deeper into their interests.